Using Minecraft as a Digital Tool in Applied Design Skills and Technology (ADST)

In Applied Design Skills and Technology (ADST), students use the design thinking process to research and develop solutions to problems through prototyping testing and seeking feedback. One of the digital tools Surrey educators can use to engage students in the design thinking process is Minecraft: Education Edition, which is a learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in an immersive digital environment. Students can build and explore worlds on their own or in groups. From building or viewing Biomes, Ancient Civilizations, to recreating settings from the novel the student is reading to demonstrate their learning, there are so many ways Minecraft connects to the curriculum across a variety of subjects. Surrey Educator Scott Smith discusses how he uses Minecraft to promote student creativity, collaboration and problem-solving.

“It is not necessarily what we know, but managing what they know because they will test and they will do things that are so interesting.” – Scott Smith

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