The evidence below provides district-wide achievement results in key areas, and is a complement to the samples of learning evidence shared in our Priority Practices in Action. Our Strategic Plan relies on both qualitative and quantitative measures and acknowledges that any one single measure does not tell the full story of Learning by Design.

In Surrey Schools, student learning is honoured as a continuous process rather than a series of separate events. Our teachers design learning opportunities that promote an understanding of learning processes and the development of core competencies – communicating skillfully, thinking creatively and critically, and caring for self and others.

Teachers guide students in purposeful selections of their work to demonstrate growth over time and help set goals for future learning opportunities and challenges. Ongoing and timely sharing of learning evidence with parents is a meaningful enhancement to individual achievement results.

For additional achievement data results, the B.C. Ministry of Education has launched a new landing page for all school districts across the province. It complements new planning efforts that are underway to enhance student learning in every school and school district in British Columbia.

B.C. Education System Performance 2017