The Surrey School District celebrates our diversity, and builds cultures committed to equity and inclusion.

As a school system in one of the most diverse regions of the country, Surrey Schools understands its unique position and responsibility to ensure that the cultures, abilities, values and beliefs of all students and families are included and reflected in the learning culture of our schools. While this may manifest differently across our schools, Learning by Design empowers students, teachers, families, and staff to engage in the learning process in ways that are meaningful for them, reflect the reality they experience, and incorporate diverse ways of knowing and using knowledge both in the classroom and beyond.  
Diverse ways of learning are not simply about inclusion or equality – in some cases, it means adjusting priorities or processes to genuinely reflect the needs of all our students in this globalized world. Students who are newcomers to Canada deserve all of the resources they need to succeed, including language and cultural supports. Indigenous students have a right to experience their education in ways that are culturally relevant to them, and to have their culture and histories respected. Students with diverse abilities and disabilities deserve evidence-based practices and interventions that transform the learning environment in ways that help them achieve their individual goals and participate fully in all aspects of learning.