Our Story, Our Future: Music videos give Indigenous students a voice

Two music videos, Hide & Seek and Show Us The Way, centre on young Indigenous people embracing and acknowledging Indigenous heritage and feature 22 Indigenous students, representing 19 Nations from Surrey Schools. Student-written lyrics along with compelling visuals shed light on some of the challenges facing Indigenous youth in an urban setting. Through the arts, students share their powerful messages:

“The closer you look the more that you see, the wisdom of elders comes back to me. Once taken from home, but now we are free, we won’t forget … where we’re meant to be.”

“See who I am, I’ve got something to say; I’ll show you again, don’t want to be afraid; I’ll be learning for the rest of my days; So I’ll stand tall if you teach me the ways; As we look to the future will you see me the same?”

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2 thoughts on “Our Story, Our Future: Music videos give Indigenous students a voice”

  1. Wendy says:

    Loved this concert! Awesome work!

  2. Antonio Vendramin says:

    So proud of these Surrey Learners. Check out the live performance of “Hide & Seek” at the Venables Hall, Vancouver, April 22, 2017:

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