Part 1: Analysis of Context

1. What do we know about our learners?

Sunrise Ridge Elementary is located in the Cloverdale area of Surrey.  It opened in September 1994. We currently enroll approximately 360 students from Kindergarten to Grade 7. We are a dual track school with 15 divisions of students in our English program; and 2 division Late French Immersion learners. Sunrise Ridge catchment is a combination of established homes, newer single-family homes combined with multi family dwellings. There is strong staff and community support of student achievement, with an emphasis on academics, athletics, fine arts and  social emotional learning and social responsibility

Parents at Sunrise Ridge work together, helping build a positive school community with special events and fundraising to support the school, The PAC plays a very active role in building a positive learning community. Many parents volunteer on a regular basis around the school, in classrooms and n school field studies. They work to create a positive school culture that is a key component of a successful  school.

The 2020 – 2021 school plan at Sunrise Ridge  continues to focus on increasing student achievement in the area of Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  This is our sixth  year with Social Responsibility and SEL as our goal area.  We have made many positive strides and we feel there is great benefit in continuing in this direction

Why Social Emotional Learning at Sunrise Ridge?

A school need to build a positive school culture and a sense of belonging for our students

A school needs to establish clear expectations for positive behaviour

With many new students each year, there is a need to build connections, a sense of belonging and a positive culture

Effective schools develop school-wide, consistent approaches around SEL that involve all stakeholders

Our observations and assessments of students shows a need for explicit instructions the following areas:empathy, respect, self management/self regulation, problem solving/decisions making

Reflection about our learners’ Strengths:

  • enjoy literacy and numeracy
  • curiousity, inquisitive
  • strong oral language skills
  • enjoys hands-on, interactive learning
  • enjoy fine arts, creative
  • active kinesthetic learners
  • social, outgoing


  • managing emotions, stress, and anxiety,
  • taking responsibility for actions,
  • self-regulation skills,
  • social skills and empathy,
  • self–regulation
  • problem solving skills

2. What evidence supports what we know about our learners?




Part 2: Focus and Planning

3. What focus emerges as a question to pursue?

4. What professional learning do we need?

5. What is our plan?

Part 3: Reflect, Adjust, Celebrate

6. How will we know our plan is making a difference? (evidence / success criteria)

7. Based on the evidence, does our inquiry require adjustment?