Part 1: Analysis of Context

1. What do we know about our learners?

School Context

·      Enver Creek Secondary is a dynamic learning environment that is a wonderful place to work and learn. Opened in 1997 in Surrey, B.C., Enver Creek is a hub to our community in central Surrey.

·      Enver Creek has a strong history and tradition of excellence in academics, athletics, community service, culinary arts, and fine/performing arts.

·      Today Enver Creek has 1375 students with a rich cultural mix from all around the world.

·      Our school and the greater community have high academic expectations for our learners.

·      We have a growing international student population.

·      Enver Creek offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Art, Chemistry, Biology, and Math.

·      Enver Creek has a highly respect BASES program that supports a variety of types of learners in our community.

·      The teaching staff at Enver Creek is highly skilled, professional, caring, and committed to professional growth.

ScanningWhat evidence supports what we know about our learners?

·      The Enver Creek staff report that students are interested in their learning and hope to be successful. They feel that our school is diverse with a wide variety of backgrounds, abilities, and interests.

·      Historical data shows that Enver Creek students are typically at or slightly above the district and provincial averages in Provincial Examinable courses.

·      Enver Creek students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities including over 20 clubs and over 40 teams. EC students are also extremely socially conscious and committed to raising awareness and funds for a number of community organizations and campaigns.

·      The Enver Creek staff has noticed an increase in the number of families that are moving in and out of our school community. They worry that over time this could lead to the loss of continuity and the feeling of community in our school and beyond.

What do we know

The Enver Creek community is full of students, families, and school staff committed to the well being and learning of our students. Our school, like the rest of British Columbia, exists in a time of considerable change to the education system. Our staff has been working for the past few years to prepare and implement the new provincial curriculum. This work continues today as we transition to the new Grade 8-12 Curricular Competencies. Our teachers are committed to the changes required based on most promising practices that will ensure that every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Big ideas, core competenices, curricular competencies, new instructional strategies, assessment of learning, First Peoples’ Principals of Learning, and collaborative learning are just some examples of the areas are teachers are making changes.


2. What evidence supports what we know about our learners?

How Do We Know?

Enver Creek Secondary is 20 years old and has had many successes. The staff and community are proud of our history but also conscious of the changes to our demographic make-up. While proud of our history, the Enver Creek staff is ready to set-forth on a path that will ensure the needs of our students of today and tomorrow are met.

Data we use to consider the strengths and needs of our students:

1.     Historical and current results from provincial exams

2.     School wide grade reports, work habits, and comments

3.     Reports from School-Based Team, counsellors, and youth care workers

4.     Graduation rates

5.     Staff reporting of qualitative data

6.     Feedback from PAC and our feeder elementary schools

Where are we now?

·      Enver Creek students generally are achieving at or close to the provincial average.

·      Grade 8 & 9 students were introduced to the core competencies during the 2016/2017 school year.

·      A new grade 8 program is being introduced for the 2017/2018 school year to address the needs of our students and the focus of the re-designed curriculum.


Part 2: Focus and Planning

3. What focus emerges as a question to pursue?

School Wide Focus and Inquiry Questions

a.     By focusing on increasing the visibility and recognizing the value of the Core Competencies while developing students proficiencies in the Core Competencies, will we increase students abilities to safely and successfully function in our community?

b.     By creating a grade 8 program that includes a reduction in the number of teachers, an increase in exposure to a variety of curriculums in ADST and the Arts, an increase in cross-curricular opportunities, and an increase in the duration of time spent with individual teachers, will our grade 8 students be more successful both socially and academically?

4. What professional learning do we need?

New Professional Learning

Members of the Enver Creek staff will be participating in the following professional development as a staff as while as their own self-directed professional learning. The theme for our school professional development for 2017/2018 is “Helping Teens Successfully Navigate their World”.

·      August 31 – “Anxiety and Adolescents”

·      September 25 – “Integrating the Core Competencies”

·      February 16 – “Digital Literacy and Youth – Cultural Mindsets/Practices/Navigation)

·      May 28 – “Special Brains – Special Needs”

Other opportunities for relevant professional development

·      Staff meetings

·      Department Leader meetings

·      ISL meetings (Investigating Student Learning)

·      District Department Head series


5. What is our plan?

a.     We plan to have a yearlong focus on the core competencies.

                                                        i.     Professional development that supports teachers in their knowledge of the provincial core competencies and ability to integrate the provincial core competencies

                                                       ii.     The core competencies will be a focus during our monthly staff, department leader, and PAC meetings.

                                                     iii.     Grade assemblies throughout the year that include material directly related to the core competencies

                                                     iv.     School-wide displays that highlight the core competencies

                                                       v.     Counsellor and support staff visits to classrooms to discuss content included in the core competencies

b.     New grade 8 program

                                                        i.     Cohorts of students with 2 year long teachers in their core academic classes

                                                       ii.     Year long, daily PHE and French

                                                     iii.     Rotations in ADST and Fine/Performing arts

                                                     iv.     New grade 8 coordinator teaching position


Part 3: Reflect, Adjust, Celebrate

6. How will we know our plan is making a difference? (evidence / success criteria)

7. Based on the evidence, does our inquiry require adjustment?