Ecole Salish Secondary 22-23


Our vision is to build a school where we work together, build strength and fuel passion

Keeping our unique community in mind, we design learning for all students through our understanding that all students learn differently. 

Our INCLUSIVE philosophy means:

Students have the opportunity to witness our commitment to inclusivity and diversity every day.  Co-teaching, multi-disciplinary learning, and creative instructional design guide our teachers.  


The unique design of the building and classroom furniture support our vision.

"There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?" - Zaha Hadid

Students' learning experience is enhanced by a wide range of school clubs, extracurricular activities, field trips, leadership opportunities, and curricular programs. 


"Not all classrooms have four walls. " - Margaret McMillan

Salish truly is a school where every student finds their place.


Building the Salish Citizen

To support our vision, our school focus is on "Building the Salish Citizen."  We believe that when our learners build a strong foundation based in personal awareness and social responsibility they will be equipped with the skills to be successful in school and beyond.  

Our students engage in learning that strengthens their capacity to self-regulate, care for their community, and value diversity.

School Wide Planning

Our Departments plan how they can teach students the skills needed to self-regulate.  This means having PERSONAL and SOCIAL AWARENESS.  Departments work collaboratively to design learning to teach these skills.

Impact on Learning

As students work on skills related to personal and social awareness their success in the classroom is impacted in a positive way.  Students who are able to interact in a positive way with peers are able to work effectively in a group.  Students who are able to self-regulate are more engaged with their learning.  Students who are able to persevere when faced with challenges can meet their academic and personal goals.


Building the Salish Citizen

Our focus on "Building the Salish Citizen" is designed to equip students with the skills they need to be successful.  We want Salish students to develop personal and social awareness.  This means they are  able to self-regulate, they care for their community, and they value diversity. 

Students who are personally and socially aware take ownership of their choices and actions.  

Our Cohort

The cohort will be engaging in discussions, lessons, and activities that will provide them with the opportunity to develop their ability to self-regulate through personal and social awareness.

  • Students will gain a greater understanding of their emotions to regulate actions and reactions.
  • Students will persevere in difficult situations.
  • Students will gain an understanding of how their actions affect themselves and others.

Learning Experiences

This cohort was engaged in learning activities in a Physical Health and Education class.  

The learning experience was strategically designed so learners could make the connection between how developing core competencies can positively impact their proficiency in a specific curricular competency.

Students began by learning about "Growth Mindset" and goal setting.

Students completed a pre-assessment/mid-assessment/post-assessment to allow both students and the teacher to measure growth.

  • Below are excerpts from the Pre-Assessment where students were asked to reflect on what it means to be healthy, challenges to maintaining fitness, and goal setting.



Students responses reveal a deep understanding of the barriers to achieving fitness goals.  While a range of reasons were cited, they all connected to a lack of self-regulation. 

Students were asked to set SMART GOALS

Students then engaged in a variety of learning experiences they designed to support attainment of goals.


Our learners demonstrate that personal growth in core competencies positively impacts achievement in curricular competencies.

Curricular Competencies

  • Apply methods of monitoring and adjusting exertion levels in physical activity.
  • Identify and describe preferred types of physical activities.

At the conclusion of the unit students were asked to document their progress.  

Evidence was drawn from pre-assessments, mid-point assessments, and post-assessments.  This documentation of growth allowed the teacher to authentically assess the degree to which fitness goals were achieved along with the process students engaged in as they set goals and created fitness plans.

When asked what they learned students said:

"This unit was great for teaching you to spot your own errors and fix them."

"The challenge was being consistent, but that's what help you achieve your goals."

Core Competencies

  • Personal and Social Responsibility - Self-Regulation

At the conclusion of the unit students were asked to reflect on the connection between goal setting and self-regulation. 

What I Learned about Myself

Students shared their understanding of how self-regulation could be an important tool in helping them achieve their fitness goals.  This self-awareness and development of core competencies can support student growth and achievement in all curricular areas.

"I have further developed my patience and consistency skills during this fitness unit.  I think that goal setting is a great way to develop important life skills and give people motivation to achieve something.  Goals setting is also a really important skill for me to have because completing goals makes me proud and inspired to continue to pursue what I want and love."

"I made a lot of progress not only on my outside activities but also my own self-regulation as a student."

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