There has always been a keen interest in gardens in Surrey Schools. Gardens represent the possibility for experiential, meaningful learning experiences, and places of wonder and relaxation. During the 2017-18 school year, a Surrey Schools working group will be meeting on an ongoing basis to develop a consistent process for developing school gardens. Also during this coming year, the theme will be “continuity of practice” which means:

If you already have a garden that is working and being maintained … GROW ON!

If you currently don’t have a garden … HOLD ON!

While the school garden application process is on hold for 2017-18, here are some ways you can begin to explore the development of a garden at your school:

Find Connections to the Curriculum!

Links to several learning areas in the BC Curriculum



Connect to First Peoples Learning Principles!

The Science First Peoples 5-9 Teacher Resource Guide provides educators with resources to support the increased integration of the rich body of First Peoples (unappropriated) knowledge and perspectives into classrooms and schools in BC.

It is recognized that the wealth of First Peoples’ science knowledge is held by communities. The guide can be used in conjunction with locally based resources that are developed by, or in collaboration with, local communities. It is intended to be a starting place for educators.

The introduction of the resource guide includes information about the following:

  • First Peoples Pedagogy
  • Perspectives of Science
  • Indigenous Knowledge
  • Interconnectedness
  • Making Connections with Communities
  • Suggestions for Developing Locally-based Resources and Framework Rubric
  • “7 E” Model
  • Suggestions for Increasing Indigenous Student Participation in Sciences
  • Assessment

The resource guide includes 8 engaging multi-grade thematic units:

Unit 1 – Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Unit 2 – Plants and Connection to Place
Unit 3 – Power from the Land
Unit 4 – Bear and Body Systems
Unit 5 – Climate Change
Unit 6 – Shaking and Flooding
Unit 7 – Interconnectedness of the Spheres
Unit 8 – Ocean Connections

Each unit contains a brief intro, essential questions, enduring understandings, curriculum connections, cross-curricular links, suggested activities, resources, assessment activities, and suggested additional resources.

Pilot teacher comments regarding this resource:
“Powerful way to integrate Aboriginal education into science”
“Easy to integrate inquiry and transdisciplinary approaches”
“Holistic approach”
“Improved own understanding of First Peoples”
“Knowledge pieces at beginning were especially helpful”
“A lot of valuable information that does not seem to be available elsewhere”
“Worldview pieces were clear and concise without being reductive”
“Resource led to rich conversations amongst colleagues”
“Powerful document”


Other resources at the Aboriginal Resource Centre (DEC)


Plan A Trip!


Online Resources

School Garden Wizard:





Share your ideas and learn from others.  Take THIS SURVEY and share how are you helping your students learn about:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Connections to Nature
  • Food Security
  • Life Cycles
  • Biodiversity

We promise to publish your ideas here!