The Ministry of Education has formalized the planning and reporting requirements within school districts to enhance student learning and success. The Learning by Design web presence, including The Planning Process video and Our Learning Story page, represents an innovative approach to providing our education partners with evidence that Surrey Schools are designing engaging learning experiences to prepare our students for success now and into their futures.

Unique Student Groups

The Ministry of Education and Surrey Schools recognize that long-standing differences exist related to school success amongst particular groups. Most notably, the unique student groups identified below require a shared commitment to nurturing a sense of belonging for all, and aligning supports to best address individual and group needs.

Inspiring Confidence

Our Data Story provides a wide-range of assessment/achievement data from the Ministry of Education and the School District that are important indicators of system success when collected district-wide. Assessment/achievement results are but one measure of student success.

Offline Reading

These pages are available for download in PDF format for your convenience.